Gunn Mowery featured in recent segment for ABC27

An October 31 report by ABC27’s Megan Healey recently disclosed information on how one homeowner in the midstate was dealing with Hurricane Sandy. Some property owners, the report states, aren’t waiting for insurance adjusters to schedule evaluations of their homes after unexpected damages occur as a result of natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy.

So the Pennbrook area resident featured in the report, as Healey states, took “matters into his own hands,” hiring a tree removal service to cut down a tree which struck his home during the hurricane. Healey interviewed Gunn Mowery Vice President Gary Harshbarger during the segment to examine if the practice was smart for a homeowner.

“One of the very important things is to prevent further damage,” Harshbarger suggested in the segment. He later added “homeowners are encouraged to take steps to repair damage right away because it cuts down on the risk of future damage.”

As long as the homeowner keeps detailed receipts of the tree removal job, Harshbarger said, reimbursment of the job would not be an issue. Harshbarger also recommended receiving a second estimate, taking pictures, documenting and/or keeping damaged property.

“The adjuster will want to see that, but there is really nothing that says you have to have an adjuster see that while it’s in a damaged state,” Harshbarger added.

Another important issue, the report said, was to make sure the damage-repair company used in the removal process was insured, in case they further damaged your home. In that case, the report states, the company’s coverage would kick in.

To see the entire video, click here.

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