Safety features can lead to discounts

Auto manufacturers do not make engines the way they used to. Fortunately, the industry is making cars safer than they ever have.

Innovations in materials, such as GPS technology and inboard microchips, have made a wide variety of potentially life-saving technologies cost-effective and affordable for the car buyer.

Car safety devices and features can be separated into two categories: Passive Devices, which include seatbelts and airbags, and Active Devices, which proactively help drivers avoid accidents.

In some cases, insurance companies may offer a premium discount for owning vehicles with some or all of these safety features:

Passive Devices

Intelligent Airbags
The new generation of bags can sense the size of the crash victim, their forward speed and automatically perform adjustments, resulting in a safer airbag.

Accident Notification Systems
This is a passive technology, but it can be a critical one. It will call emergency responders when you can not. If your car is in an accident, the accident notificatoin system will automatically notify the manufacturer’s cellular link service (Onstar is an example), which will then notify rescue personnel using global positioning system technology.

Active Devices:

Distance Control Assist Devices
This active device uses radar or laser technology to gauge the distance between your car and the one in front of you. The computer system also monitors your forward speeds and your speeds relative to one another.

Departure Warning Devices
Lane departure warning devices use optics to monitor lane markings and can automatically generate a warning tone if you begin to drift out of your lane. These devices have been used by commercial truck fleets for years, but are now making their way into the luxury sedan market.

Anti-Rolling Technology
Anti-rolling devices apply aircraft pilot technology to your car. A system of sensors monitors whether your car is tilting and automatically makes adjustments to prevent the car from flipping.

* * *

Each insurance company has a unique pricing system and offers varying discounts for equipping your vehicle with these and other safety features. These discounts also vary from state-to-state.

The newer features are not recognized by all insurance companies, but most carriers offer discounts for anti-lock brakes, airbags, or anti-theft devices.

It may be time for a policy reassessment. Can you qualify for a discount? Contact Gunn Mowery today to find out. You can reach us at 800-840-1243, or by e-mail at Become our Facebook fan at

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