What to do When Lightning Strikes

Per the III.org:

“Getting struck by lightning is no laughing matter, but a new animated video produced by the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I) uses humor to bring home the important lesson: when thunder roars, go indoors.

Entitled ‘Beyond Thunder Dumb: When Lightning Strikes…’, the video is available on both the I.I.I.’s website and its YouTube channel. It offers safety tips from the I.I.I. , the Lightning Protection Institute(LPI) and the National Weather Service.
Summer is peak lightning season, as many people are spending more time outdoors. Every year lightning strikes the ground 25 million times and injures about a thousand people in the U.S., according to the LPI.

Lightning is an underrated killer, and even if they survive, people struck by lightning can suffer from a variety of long-term, debilitating symptoms including memory loss, attention deficits, sleep disorders, chronic pain, numbness, dizziness, joints stiffness, irritability, fatigue, weakness, muscle spasms, depression, and more. Eighty percent of lightning victims are men.”

Click on the image to view the informative III.org video:

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