Pool Rules

Before you decide to take a dip in your above-ground pool to cool off this summer, please review your insurance coverage.

Some homeowner policies view above ground pools as contents. This view provides coverage for named perils such as vandalism, windstorms, hail, lightening or falling objects.

Other carriers view an above-ground pool as an “other structure.” This view extends the peril coverage of your home to your pool. Any excluded home perils apply to the pool as well.

Regular neglect, plus wear and tear are not covered. However, pool owners have a responsibility to others (i.e. neighbors) to maintain the pool to avoid damaging other’s property.

In the event there would be damage to a nearby property, a homeowner’s policy provides liability coverage. Claim investigation and payment (should the homeowner be found negligent), legal representation and claim negotiations all fall under the liability coverage for a pool. Insurance coverage for above ground pools is considered a gray area with many carriers.

It is best to contact Gunn Mowery for a review of your coverage. For more information, please contact Gunn Mowery at 1-800-840-1243, or e-mail us at info@gunnmowery.com. Become our Facebook fan at Facebook.com/GunnMowery.

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