Rules for the Road

Auto accidents account for more young person deaths in the United States than all other causes combined. These statistics are startling and sobering, especially if there are young drivers in your household. Here are some rules to discuss with your young driver prior to allowing them out on the road:

  • Establish parental authority for use of the vehicles, rules and consequences.
  • Establish the driver’s responsibility for insurance costs and other auto expenses.
  • Explain the pitfalls and legal consequences of breaking the law.
  • Forbid eating, drinking, smoking and horseplay while driving.
  • Eliminate distractions such as loud music and cell phones.
  • Keep your insurance card, driver’s license and owner’s card handy in the event of an accident or traffic violation.
  • Lock the car and never leave it running.
  • Check in when arriving at a destination and when leaving to return home.
  • Make sure to always wear a seatbelt.

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