Valuable Statistics for Recreation Sports

Have you ever wondered how dangerous recreational activities like bicyle riding, basketball, baseball, bowling and fishing can be? Thanks to a study done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), you will not have to wonder anymore.

The NHTSA compiled statistics for some of the most common recreational activities. Bicyle riding was by far the most dangerous, as the NHTSA reported more than 600 fatalies and 51,000 injuries  in the year of 2009 alone.

The sudy also compiled statistics from over 30 sports, including physical activities such as football, wrestling, ice hockey and boxing. Below is some of the key data taken from the graph.

  • Wrestling, Boxing, Ice Hockey, Field Hockey and Track and Field have over 50-percent of their injury incidents in the 15-24 age bracket.
  • Football has its highest injury rates in the 5-14 age bracket over the 2009 period, with 49-percent of its 489,676 injuries occuring in that demographic
  • Swimming had 225,493 reported injuries in 2009 alone, with 41.9 percent of incidents occuring in the 5-14 age bracket and 27.6 occurig in the 25-64 bracket.
  • Basketball was one of the most dangerous recreational sports in 2009, with 528,584 injuries being reported overall. Football was second with 489,676 injuries reported.
  • Gymnastics had the highest injury rate in the 5-14 age bracket, with 70-percent of their 28,743 injuries reported coming in those ages. Roller skating was second with 54-percent of injuries occuring in the 5-14 age bracket.
  • In the 25-64 age bracket, snowmobiling (66-percent), mountain biking (64-percent) and racquetball/squash/paddleball (61.9) had the most injury incidents.

You can check out the full study here. For more information, visit the Insurance Information Institute, or call Gunn Mowery at 1-800-840-1243. You can e-mail us your questions at

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