Heed These Suggestions on the Road This Season

Whether we’re in the winter months, or deep into the summer, you have to keep in mind safe driving habits. Make sure you have the required state limits for automobile insurance during this high risk season.

In Pennsylvania, the legal limits for bodily injury per occurence is $15,000, bodily injury aggregate is $30,000 and property damage is $5,000. To learn more about these limits or information on auto liability, contact a Gunn Mowery representative today — 1-800-840-1243.

In the winter season, take advantage of these preparation tips for your vehicle:

  • Make sure your car is ready for winter by having the engine looked at by a professional. Look into purchasing snow tires, especially if you’re in a high-volume area for snow.
  • Even a well-maintained car can break down under severe driving conditions. Carry emergency equipment in your vehicle, including a snow shovel, battery jumper cables, flares, a complete set of warm clothing, wool socks and boots. You can also pack extra fleece blankets and candles to keep you warm if your engine won’t start.
  • If your vehicle is stuck in the snow or on ice, put the car in neutral and rock it back and forth gently.
  • Always remember: Ice forms first and melts last on bridges and overpasses, where cold air seeps underneath. It wil cause the temperature to drop faster than anywhere else. Be especially careful on these overpasses and bridges. If the bridge is two-laned, be aware of drivers around you.
  • Clean all the windows of your vehicle before starting a trip. Make sure your defrost mechanism works.
  • Keep your car’s windshield washer fluid tank full. Winter slush can temporarily blind you, especially when you are following other vehicles.

Are you ready for the winter months on the road? Are you properly insured? If not, call a Gunn Mowery representative today. We will help you with your specific needs. For more information, call us at (800) 840-1243, or e-mail us at info@gunnmowery.com. To become our Facebook fan, visit Facebook.com/GunnMowery. Subscribe to our newsletter here.

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